$Retirement Nerd and his wife are in their late 40s and have two children. They have both worked in IT for 20+ years and saved diligently. They are putting the pieces in place to retire in the next few years to relax, travel, and enjoy more vacations with their extended family.

$Retirement Nerd is a nerd 🤓, just ask his daughter. Sometimes he gets into the nitty gritty of certain topics and likes learning the jargon. Sometimes he starts rambling and he can literally see peoples’ eyes glaze over. That’s ok, not everyone wants to have a deeper understanding, but sometimes:

The Devil is in the Details


This blog is built with WordPress on AWS Lightsail. This was an opportunity for $Retirement Nerd to play with some AWS Components including Route 53, SES, and S3. Please reach out if you have any questions about setting up your own blog on this platform.

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~$Retirement Nerd🤓

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